A Review of A Mile in His Shoes

Wednesday, April 20, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many people, like me, have had time to watch many movies. Last night, I watched A Mile in His Shoes.

Since I am an avid baseball fan, I have seen many baseball movies overtime. Most baseball movies are raunchy. I don’t like raunchy movies.

As an adult, I have chosen which baseball movies to watch. I love four movies – Moneyball, For Love of the Game, 42, and A Mile in His Shoes.

A Mile in His Shoes stars Dean Cain as a Minor-League Manager who finds a talented pitcher, who has Asperger’s, a kind of autism, on a rural Iowan farm. Mickey, the future pitcher, threw apples into a bucket to smash them for pigs, namely Oscar, Mickey’s pet.

Since Murph, the coach, needed pitching, he tried to convince Mickey’s parents to allow him to take Mickey with him. Although Mick’s mom was supportive and want her son to have an opportunity, his dad did not want Mickey to go because he might fail. However, Mickey spoke up and said that he wanted to go.

Mickey fits in with the team despite his eccentricities. Mickey worked with Murph to improve his pitching. After two weeks of working with Murph, Mickey pitched well in a game. He continued to pitch well in games, causing jealousy from the team’s former star pitcher, Lefty.

After an impressive victory pitched by Mickey, Lefty throws a party. He convinced his girlfriend to take Mickey in the woods and leave Mickey alone. A couple of thugs beat up Mickey.

After Mickey is found by the local sheriff, he lives with Murph, who lost a son to a rare disorder. Having Mickey live with him helps Murph to find God again.

Mickey pitches the championship game. The last batter he faces to pitch a complete game was one of the thugs who beat him up. Although Mickey begins to freak out and tells Murph he was one of the thugs, he is determined to finish the game. He strikes the league’s best hitter out to win the championship and before the sheriff arrested the thug.

A Mile in His Shoes shows baseball can unite people, no matter if they have differences. It also shows perseverance to obtain a goal is important. Doing the right thing is important. Forgiveness sets you free. In doubt, turning to the Bible is the best.

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