A Ridiculous Suspension for Kelly

Wednesday, July 29,2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

Wednesday, Major League Baseball suspended Dodger manager Dave Roberts for one game and right-handed reliever Joe Kelly for eight. Tuesday, Kelly made the Astros feel uncomfortable.

As every baseball fan knows, the Houston Astros cheated throughout the 2017 season, including in the ALCS against the Boston Red Sox where Kelly played and in the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Although Commissioner Rob Manfred punished the Astros organization, he failed to punish any of the players.

The Astros issued a public apology in February. It wasn’t heart-felt and fed the already existing antagonizing. Yesteryear, Major League Baseball would allow teams police themselves.

I’m not a person who condones pitchers throwing at hitters or trash talk. Nevertheless, the Astros deserve whatever is coming to them. Kelly handled the situation perfectly. He didn’t hit anyone. He made the Astros uncomfortable.

The Dodgers deserved the opportunity to make the Astros feel “uncomfortable.” No team should be allowed to cheat. According to the original report, the players on the Astros asked for the cheating scheme. Manfred did not want to deal with the Players’ Association on the punishment.

Through Manfred’s tenure as the Major League Baseball commissioner, he has demonstrated his willingness to be an owners’ puppet and avoid controversy. Manfred has been designing the game of baseball in his idea of how the game should look. Yes, baseball should be sped up. To increase the rate of the game, Major League Baseball should decrease the time between innings, but it would hurt the profits.

Although the Astros won their only world championship in 2017, the world championship is tainted. Using steroids and HGH was bad, considered as cheating, but these illegal substances helped the players to build more muscles and improve eyesight. Nevertheless, these illegal substances did not tell the batter what was coming.

Every team looks at how to take advantage of its competition. However, when Major League Baseball issued a specific warning not to use electronic equipment to get an advantage, then the Astros used the center field camera to pick up the catcher’s signs. Then they banged a metal trashcan to tell the hitter if curveball was coming.

Knowing which pitch was coming eliminates the pitcher’s ability to baffle the batter. The goal is to mess up the hitter’s timing. The Dodger pitchers could not baffle the Astros’ hitters with changing speeds or using their breaking pitches. It was an unfair advantage to the Astros.

The punishment for Kelly was ridiculous. Kelly did not hit anyone. Yes, he made unflattering facial expressions and told Carlos Correa, “Nice swing, Bitch!” Although Kelly was not nice to the Astros, no baseball rule states a player must nice to the opposition. Suspending Kelly for eight games is more than 10% of the season, and it hurts the Dodgers’ chance of going to the postseason. It’s not fair to the Dodgers. Baseball wants highly competitive postseason to generate fans’ interest.
Manfred does not want players to punish the Astros because it will undermine his authority as a commissioner. If Manfred didn’t appear weak when he issued the punishment for the Astros, players wouldn’t want to undermine Manfred.

Kelly is appealing the ridiculous suspension.

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