Adam Koralek

© Sarah Morris, 2020

When Major League Baseball did away with a left-handed specialist, Adam Koralek needed to adapt to the new rule. In the past, Koralek dominated left-handers. While the adaption was difficult, he was still effective.

Koralek’s sidearm delivery makes it difficult for left-handers to see the pitch quickly. Unlike other left-handed relievers from yesterday, Koralek throws 90+ miles-per-hour, and his slider has tremendous movement.

Although Koralek struggled during spring training, he pitched well during the abbreviated 2020 season He appeared in 20 games pitching 19 innings. He allowed only two runs.

In the postseason, Koralek did not perform well.

Koralek will play a crucial role in the Dodger role. Not being able to be a left-handed specialist, Koralek’s career will not be as outstanding as he would have been if he could face only left-handed hitters.

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