Alex Wood

Alex Wood

Alex Wood returned to the Los Angeles Dodgers after a miserable season with the Cincinnati Reds. While in Cincinnati, Wood had a back injury, which limited the games he could pitch. In 2020, Wood did not pitch much due to shoulder inflammation, and when he pitched, he was ineffective.

Wood was original with the Atlanta Braves. In July 2015, Wood came to the Dodgers in a key component of a mega-trade with the Braves. The Braves disliked Wood’s herky-jerky delivery, which worried the Braves about putting undue stress on Wood’s arm. As a Dodger, Wood has had both left elbow and left shoulder.

If the 2020 season began when it was scheduled, the story for Wood probably would have been different. During both spring training and summer camp, Wood’s sinker and slider created many swings and misses. He had good control. Wood earned a spot in the Dodger starting rotation.

Wood pitched in only 12 innings. He did not pitch well.

At no point during the 2020 regular season, Wood was healthy. During the 2020 postseason, he had both good and bad performances. If the Dodgers can re-sign Wood for less than $6 million a year, they should re-sign Wood to have insurance for both the starting rotation and the bullpen.

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