An Embarrassing Night to Be a Dodger Fan

Tuesday, 08/03/21
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

In front of the largest crowd to see an MLB game during the 2021 season, the Houston Astros 3shutout the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-to-0 at Dodger Stadium.

Tonight was the first time I have been embarrassed to be a Dodger fan in my life. You it is not the team who should not have been shutout nor was Walker Buehler who did not have as good of command as he has had since May. It is not Victor Gonzàlez who allowed a two-run homer. Losses happen, and the Dodgers did not commit an error; therefore, the Astros earned their victory.

The rowdy crowd was what embarrassed me and made the Dodgers lose concentration on the game. I know the Astros cheated the Dodgers out of the 2017 world championship. I was disappointed in the punishment of their misbehavior handed down by Commissioner Rob Manfred. The Astros cheated me out of the opportunity to write about a Dodger world championship as a professional baseball writer, which was a dream of mine since 1993. I do not know if I will ever accomplish that dream.

I was mad at the Astro organization, and tonight, I was booing the players who were members of the 2017 Astros from my home in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In the 2020 season, I loved when Joe Kelly buzzed Carlos Correa. To me, it was the perfect punishment for him. I do not think I will ever forget Kelly’s pouting face.

Nevertheless, I cannot condone throwing anything on the field. Tonight, many Dodger fans threw trashcans and foul balls on the field, disturbing the pace of play and endangering everyone on the field. The Dodgers and their fans are lucky the umpires did not make the Dodgers forfeit the game for having unruly fans.

On August 10, 1995, their fans’ misbehavior made the Dodgers forfeit the game against the Saint Louis Cardinals. The Dodgers gave their fans souvenir baseballs with the pictures of Eric Karros, Mike Piazza, and Raul Mondesi, and when they disliked the ejections of Tommy Lasorda and Mondesi, the unruly fans threw their souvenir baseballs on the field. The umpires did not have a choice to call the game since the misbehaving fans were delaying the game for at least a half hour.

I do not want this to happen again, particularly when the Dodgers need every victory to catch the San Francisco Giants to win their ninth consecutive National League Western Division title. Dodger fans must reign in their collective anger at the Astro organization and support their favorite team.

If I were able to attend the Dodger game against the Astros, I would boo every member of the 2017 Astros, and I might have purchased a miniature metal trashcan to bang during the critical moments in the game.

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