Another Dodger Loss And Another Injury

Friday, 5/7/2021
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

On a beautiful night in Anaheim, the Los Angeles Dodgers continued their losing streak when the Angels kicked the Dodger butt 9-to-2.

AJ Pollock, the best hitter during the Dodger losing ways, left the game with a hamstring pull. It is Grade 1. He might be day-to-day. The Dodgers will know more tomorrow.

As former Dodger GM Ned Colletti said, “Nothing lasts forever,” this Dodger losing streak will end. Now, the Dodgers seem to be snakebit when they have so many injuries and every play goes the Dodger opponents’ way. Their luck must turn soon because no team can go through a 162-game season with bad luck, and the Dodgers are a good team. When Chris Taylor hustled to get a double when his team trailed 9-to-1, it should show every Dodger fan that the players want to win. At no time, the Dodgers have appeared to be lackadaisical. During my forty-four years of watching baseball, I have seen many bad teams, and the 2021 Dodgers are not a bad team.

Neither Julio Urìas nor Joe Kelly in his 2021 debut pitched well. While Pollock did not play well defensively in left field, the Dodger infield defense was better than it was during the Chicago series.

Although the Dodger offense did not wake up Friday, it had signs of coming out of their collective funk. Mookie Betts had a double and a solo ninth-inning home run, and Taylor had two hits. Corey Seager walked twice.

Throughout the Major leagues, the offensive production is down. Friday night, Wade Miley of the Cincinnati Reds pitched the fourth no-hitter this season. Hitters everywhere are strikeouts at a historic pace. Before the season began, Major League Baseball tried to help the pitchers, after the offense had dominated the game from 2017, so they deadened the ball. It appears they did too good of a job since not many teams are hitting many home runs. Watching pitching duels nightly will not attract fans, so I predict Major League Baseball will change back to the old balls before the All-Star break. This will help the Dodgers.

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