Baseball Should NOT Say “Let’s Play Ball”

Thursday, June 25, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris,

Monday, when Major League Baseball announced, “Baseball was back,” I was thrilled. Now, I think Major League Baseball should cancel the 2020 season.

COVID-19 is rampant in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. New York has banned travel from these states. Three out of five National League Western Division teams have personnel who tested positive for COVID-19.

Baseball is a contact sport. Maintaining social distancing on the diamond and in the dugout and the clubhouse is nearly impossible. Wearing masks does not guarantee the stop of the spread of COVID-19. Cleaning the facilities will take more staff than usual, and the cleaning staff will require special training to know how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The last thing Major League Baseball should want is a player dying from COVID-19.

Baseball must be highly competitive when it returns. Players who are worrying about their families or them catching the Coronavirus will not perform as well as normally. No one knows how long it takes for a player to regain his strength after having Coronavirus. Currently, Charlie Blackmon, the All-Star center fielder of the Colorado Rockies, has the Coronavirus. Since the Rockies are typically a poor team, they need Blackmon to produce some excitement surrounding the Rockies.

Baseball has lost much money because of Coronavirus. Both the owners and players want to recoup some. Nevertheless, with the recent upsurge of cases, resuming baseball is not a wise decision. COVID-19 threatens the lives of players, coaches, front office personnel, and sport’s icons. Unlike NBA and NHL, Major League Baseball involves much travel exposing the outside world to people who work in baseball. As a public health issue, the 2020 season should be canceled though Major League Baseball will lose more popularity.

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