Baseball Will Look Different in 2020

Monday, April 6, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

No one knows when baseball will return in 2020, but I am confident baseball will have a season. The 2020 season must be modified so that the statistics will have to have asterisks after the 2020 season will not resemble any other season in baseball history.

America needs its pastime to provide us an aversion to getting our minds off CONVID-19 for a few hours a day. Although our citizens must be safe from CONVID-19, baseball must resume as soon as possible. The owners and players are losing millions every day after Opening Day, which was supposed to be on March 26th. If Major League Baseball cannot have a decent number of games, many owners and teams will be bankrupt.

Since Major Leagues suspended its spring training on March 12th, the Major Leagues must have another spring training. Normally, when the Major Leagues needed to have an abbreviated season, they shortened spring training also. However, during this national quarantine, players, like everybody, cannot move around as much as normal. They cannot go to gyms or work with their personal trainers. With the somewhat limited food supply, they often cannot stick to their diets. Therefore, the players will need more time to get in shape than usual, so having four to five weeks for the second spring training of 2020 is needed.

Baseball needs to play as many games as possible to both generate as much revenue as possible and create a competitive balance. There has been a talk extending the postseason deep into November or even in December. We might sing Here Comes Santa Claus during the seventh inning stretch during the World Series. To accomplish this, the postseason games must play at neutral sites in southern climates. I think playing postseason games in dome stadiums is a better idea.

Yes, during October northeast and Midwest can be frigid and sometimes snowy. Baseball usually uses a computer program to schedule all the teams. However, in October, a person needs to hand schedule teams from places with likely cold weather to play at teams with warm weather. I think the regular season should end on November 15.

To get in as many games in the regular season, particularly if baseball must begin in July, the Major Leagues must have weekend doubleheaders. To protect the players from serious injuries, Major League Baseball must shorten the games, not in the postseason, to seven innings. If a starter goes three innings, he is eligible for the win. Forget the new rule saying a reliever must either finish an inning or face at least three batters.

The Major Leagues must increase the size of rosters to 32 players, but no team can have more than fifteen pitchers.

Although I detest the DH rule, in 2020 both leagues need it. However, if a starting pitcher wants to hit for himself, allow it, even after he exits the games.

In 2020, no game should have extra innings, except in the postseason. If the games end in a tie, it ends in a tie. At the end of the regular season, the two teams with the most ties in each league should play a playoff game. The winner of the most-tie game should be the Wild Card game.

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