Bauer’s off-the-field Behavior Is Selfish

Friday, 07/03/21
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

Friday, before the Los Angeles Dodgers visited the White House, following orders issued by MLB, they put right-handed starter Trevor Bauer on administrative leave.

Bauer’s off-the-field behavior with a woman is abusive, selfish, and simply plain gross. He is under police and MLB investigation. If it is determined Bauer deserves a suspension, no matter the length, it will hurt the Dodgers’ chances of repeating as World Series champions.

Even before the Dodgers signed Bauer to a historic contract, rumors indicated that Bauer was disrespectful of women. During his Dodger tenure, I have tried to report on Bauer in a professional manner, and I have watched his YouTube channel. While it is obvious he is intelligent and wants to improve his pitching as much as he can, he does not have any humility. He appears to be argumentative, which I do not approve of.

Although he is correct, MLB needs to be clearer about the “sticky stuff” policy, but I do not know whether YouTube is the forum to discuss how MLB can improve the policing of the rule. Personally, I do not like when the umpires check the pitchers on the field. The checks should be done in the dugouts for starters and in the bullpens before the relievers enter the game. Moreover, MLB should decide how they can help the pitchers get grip on the ball. In the 2021 season, pitchers have hit too many batters, resulting in injuries.

Anyway, losing Bauer for any significant time will hurt the Dodgers. I understand any young man wants regular sexual relations, but usually, women do not go to police and describe the violent private sexual details of their relationships. The woman claims to be hospitalized from the injuries occurred at Bauer’s hands.

Repeatedly, on his YouTube channel, Bauer said that he wants to win, and he shows frustration whenever the Dodgers lose. He should have known MLB has a domestic violence policy. While it seems like Bauer likes rough sexual relations, he should have tempered his inappropriate taste to make sure he would not be suspended so that he could participate in the Dodgers attempting to defend their championship.

To me, the Dodgers should prepare to play the rest of the season without the contributions from Bauer. If any of the allegations are true, MLB shall suspend Bauer for the rest of the season. Already, the Dodgers need to obtain a starter, but now, the Dodgers need to acquire two starters before the trading deadline. It is difficult to find a good starter now since practically, every team who wants to go to the postseason wants to strengthen its starting rotation.

The Bauer administrative leave did not affect the Dodger 10-to-5 victory over the Washington Victory. Nationals. Bauer’s selfish behavior might have cost the Dodgers another championship. I hope the Dodgers do not have Bauer in the 2022 season.

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