Bellinger Homered, Kershaw Looks Awesome

Sunday, August 2, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

Sunday was a good day in the desert even though Mookie Betts left the game with a sore middle finger. For the first time in 2020, the Los Angeles Dodgers blanked their opponent. The Dodgers defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 3-to-0.

Cody Bellinger had begun the 2020 season mired in a slump so that last night manager Dave Roberts gave Bellinger a day off to reset his mental outlook to the 2020 season. In the first inning, Bellinger blasted a two-run homer. His outs were harder hit than before. Hopefully, Bellinger gets back to his 2019 form, enabling him to earn the National League MVP.

Mookie Betts made an awkward swing, jamming his middle finger. With an injured middle finger, Betts homered, but he left the game.

Corey Seager could not play Sunday because of sore legs. Friday, Seager fouled a ball off his calf, producing a bruise. Saturday night, Seager had a cramp in his quadriceps. The Dodgers thought Seager was dehydrated. Since Seager is having a great season, the Dodgers hope Seager can play Monday against the San Diego Padres, who have had a fabulous start to the season.

Clayton Kershaw missed two of his possible starts because he had a stiff back. Sunday, Kershaw made his 2020 debut against the Diamondbacks. Since 2015, Kershaw’s velocity has been decreasing. Last year, Kershaw had not touched 93-mile-per-hour on the radar gun. Although velocity is not the most important factor for a successful pitcher, the increased velocity enables the pitcher to make mistakes. Kershaw regularly touched 93-miles-per-hour. His curveball and slider were sharp and provided a great change of speeds. In his 5.2 innings, he allowed three hits and struck out six batters.

Again, the Dodger bullpen was amazing because Pedro Báez, Scott Alexander, and Kenley Jansen were fantastic as they dominated the Diamondbacks.

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