Bellinger Is Ready

Sunday, July 19, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

Sunday, in the first exhibition game of summer camp, the Los Angeles Dodgers clobbered the Arizona Diamondbacks 9-to-2.

During summer camp, the reigning National League MVP Cody Bellinger slumped. Bellinger tinkered his stance during quarantine, and many people were angry about this, particularly when Bellinger did not have any results.

Bellinger dominated the Diamondbacks with three hits. In the first inning, his grand slam put the Dodgers in front, and they never looked back.

Dodger young starter Mitchell White was brilliant. Although he had a bright future in 2017, then, he was plagued with injuries in 2018 and 2019. Sunday, White was brilliant. Through his five innings, he never had a 3-ball-count while he baffled the Diamondbacks with his extraordinary ability to change speeds. Dodger fans probably will see White on the Major-League roster in 2020 If the Dodgers suffer an injury.

Last July when the Dodgers acquired left-handed Adam Kolarek, it was a huge acquisition. Kolarek was brilliant, allowing one run, including the NLDS, as a Dodger.

However, with the new rule forcing a reliever to hurl against three hitters or end an inning, Kolarek has spent both spring training and summer camp trying to learn to retire right-handers out. The rule was designed to increase the rate of play, but it cancels some of the strategy of the game. Commissioner Rob Manfred has demonstrated his uncaring of maintaining the strategy of the game, which most knowledgeable baseball fans enjoy.

To increase the rate of the games, Major League Baseball should decrease the length of commercial breaks, particularly during national telecasts, but this will never happen since those commercials help to make profits for both teams and Major League Baseball. Decreasing those commercial breaks will shorten the length of games without interfering with the strategy of baseball.

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