Betts Is a Dodger for the Next 12 Years

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

Mookie Betts will be a Dodger until the end of the 2032 season. He will make $365 million over that time. In this age of uncertainty in the world because of COVID-19, this type of deal is unbelievable.

When President Andrew Friedman acquired Betts along with left-handed starter David Price from the Boston Red Sox, the buzz of excitement surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers was nothing like since they won the World Series in 1988.

At the time, Freidman said Betts would be the best player that he would be the best player he would ever trade for. Mookie Betts is a legitimate five-tool player, and though the 2020 season has not begun yet, Betts has already demonstrated he is a clubhouse leader.

Betts, 27, gives the Dodgers a leadoff hitter with power and speed. His lifetime batting average is .301. Unlike most hitters in his generation, Betts does not have many strikeouts. Making reliable contact enables Betts to reach base regularly. He averaged 20 home runs a year.

From 2016, Betts won a Gold Glove in right field. His supreme running speed enables him to have a tremendous range. His strong accurate throwing arm helps him to curtail running game and collect assists.

In 2018, Betts earned the American League MVP as he helped to lead the Boston Red Sox to a world championship. The Dodgers hope Betts does the same for them in 2020 and years beyond. The Dodgers can build around Betts to have a world-championship dynasty for at least the next thirteen years.

While in Los Angeles, Betts needs to become a pillar of the community. He is a professional bowler and bowled a perfect game during the World Series of bowling. He was an excellent high school basketball player. Unlike many professional baseball players, Betts believes participating in other sports has helped to make him a better baseball player.

During the COVID-19 forced work stoppage, baseball teams worry about the lost profits. Therefore, many baseball-knowledge people concerned about the upcoming free-agent season with limited money to spend. The Dodgers blew that theory out of the water.

Most times when the teams sign a player to a humongous contract, the player usually fizzles and makes the team regret signing that player in the first place. Most five-tool players don’t usually live up to expectations, but Betts has. Only once Betts has been on the Injured List; therefore, he has proved to be durable. During the next 12 seasons, Betts will be open to position changes. Originally, he was a shortstop before the Red Sox converted him to right field. As his playing skills begin to diminish, he can be an excellent center fielder, left fielder, or a second baseman.

Signing Betts proves to Dodger fans that the Dodger organization is committed to winning in the longterm. This should make fans excited.

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