Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

© Sarah Morris, 2020

Since June 2016 when the Los Angeles Dodgers acquired Chris Taylor from the Seattle Mariners, he has been a valuable utility player for his team. In 2020, Taylor had a good season offensively. Although Taylor did not have a superb postseason, the Dodgers probably would not have won the world championship without Taylor’s contributions.

Taylor can play a variety of positions. With his above-average speed and strong accurate throwing arm, Taylor is an above-average fielder. In 2020, Taylor mostly played second base and left field. When Corey Seager missed a week with a sore lower back, Taylor made many spectacular plays.

Although Taylor had a poor spring training due to a minor wrist injury, he had an excellent 2020 season offensively. In 2020, he played 56 games. His batting average of .270 was above his career batting average. His on-base percentage of .366 enabled him to create scoring opportunities. Taylor had 8 home runs and 32 RBI.

The Dodgers have Taylor for one more year. He helps the Dodgers to have incredible depth.

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