Clayton Kershaw Will Be the Opening Day Starter

Sunday, March 14, 2021
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

On a beautiful Sunday night at Camelback Ranch, the Los Angeles Dodgers lost to the Kansas City Royals 8-to-4.

Before Sunday night, the Dodgers had played good defense. Tonight, they committed four errors. These affected Julio Urìas’ performances. Every team has a poor defense day now and then. The Dodgers and their fans hope the team gets their defensive woes out of their collective system before Opening Day.

Jimmy Nelson, Victor González, and Kenley Jansen continued to pitch well. Corey Seager again blasted a home run.

Manager Dave Roberts announced Clayton Kershaw will make his eleventh Opening Day start during his 13-year Major-League career. During this spring training, Kershaw has performed marvelously. While some baseball-knowledgeable people will argue Kershaw is not the Dodger ace anymore, they do not value experience. Walker Buehler and Trevor Bauer might have more velocity than Kershaw has. However, they have not experienced the nervousness surrounding Opening Day.

The Dodgers are unlucky to play their 4-game series to open the regular season in Denver. Today, Denver received a record snowfall. April is when Denver gets most of its snow. It is possible for the Dodgers to be snow out all the four games. Even if the Dodgers play the 4-game series, they probably will have one player who would be injured. Pitchers are more susceptible to injuries than position players. While the Rockies face the same as the Dodgers, they do not have any expectations to win their division, and everybody expects the Dodgers to be in the 2021 World Series.

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