Corey Knebel

Thursday, 11/04/21
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

Corey Knebel came to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a minor trade with the Milwaukee Brewers in December. Although Knebel has fantastic stuff, he is injury prone. He is a free agent, but the Dodgers should not re-sign him.

Knebelā€™s pitch selection is a dream for modern baseball analysts. He has a high 99+-mile-per-hour fastball and a large rainbow curveball, and the opposing hitters find Knebel nearly impossible to hit. During the 2018 season as the closer for the Brewers, Knebel played an integral role leading the Brewers to the NLCS where they lost to the Dodgers. In 2019, he had Tommy John surgery. He had a poor 2020 season.

When healthy, Knebel had a marvelous 2021 season. He missed three months with a lat injury. After coming back, he was a mainstay in the Dodger bullpen. He filled any role that the organization wanted.

If Knebel had shown better durability than he has during his Major-League career, it would be no brainer for the Dodgers to give him a contract. However, he has not shown an ability to stay healthy.

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