Corey Seager

Tuesday, 10/26/2021
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

From September 2015, Corey Seager has been a mainstay in the Dodger lineup. For the first time in his Major-League career, he is a free agent, and since his agent is Scott Boras, many Dodger fans think he will be too expensive for the Dodgers. However, after the loss to the Atlanta Braves in the NLCS, Seager said that he wanted to return.

Many Dodger fans think Seager is fragile, but this is a myth. Yes, he played only 26 games in 2018 before he underwent Tommy John and hip surgeries. In 2019, he missed 28 games with a severe hamstring pull. This season, playing only 95 games, he had a broke fifth metacarpal after being hit by a pitch. While injured, Seager worked on his footwork and range at shortstop.

Many Dodger armchair managers think Seager is a poor defensive shortstop, but they do not know what they wish for. Before becoming a Dodger, Turner played 59 games at shortstop, and his fielding percentage at shortstop was .956 whereas Seager’s fielding percentage in 95 games was .967. Some people think Seager is too big to play an adequate shortstop. He is the same height as Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr., who played shortstop and won two Gold Gloves at that most demanding position on the baseball diamond. True, Ripken, Jr., moved to third base later in his career. Perhaps, later in his career, Seager may change positions.

True, Seager does not make many spectacular defensive plays, but he makes over 95 percent of routine plays. Although many baseball fans think a good shortstop appear on ESPN Web Gems, having a solid dependable shortstop is necessary for any team. Seager has given the Dodgers a dependable shortstop for the last seven seasons.

Offensively, Seager has been a force. Despite liking to swing at the first pitch, he has a high on-base percentage. In 2021, he had .394. If he could play more than 95 games, he would have more than 16 home runs. Although many fans ignore the importance of doubles, doubles allow the team to have a runner in scoring position. Seager had 22 doubles and 3 triples. He had 57 RBI. While he struggled in the playoffs, the Dodgers might not have made into the postseason without contributions of Seager.

Seager is a silent leader in the Dodger clubhouse. While keeping Seager will cost the Dodgers much, they know Seager will give them his all. He has always been a diligent worker. He will never play halfway. His serious attitude will be an excellent example for young Dodgers.

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