Corey Seager

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From September 2015, shortstop Corey Seager has been a mainstay in the Los Angeles Dodger lineup. In 2016, he won the National League Rookie of the Year. Since Seager missed almost the entire 2018 season with Tommy John and arthroscopic hip surgeries, his team lost in the 2018 World Series. Seager returned to the 2019 Dodger lineup, but he shined in 2020, winning both MVPs in the NLCS and World Series.

Seager at 6-foot-4 is unusual for a shortstop, but he is a good defensive shortstop. Although it is doubtful that Seager will ever win a National League Gold Glove. Seager possesses a strong accurate arm, enabling him to throw out many speedy runners. His unusual quickness enabled him to have a large range. Seager turned many double plays. Sometimes, he drops his throwing arm, causing his throws to sail. While Seager is never known for his defensive play, his defense has prevented many runs from scoring and many prolonged rallies.

Offensively, since coming to the Major Leagues, Seager has been a force. He has a lifetime batting average of .295 and 88 home runs. Although many Dodger fans thought Seager, who missed a month in the 2019 season because of a pulled hamstring, had a 2019 disappointing season, he had a .272 batting average with 19 home runs and a league-leading 44 doubles.

Coming into the 2020 season, Seager was completely healthy and had a regular offseason where he could build strength. Every time he hit a ball, it was hard. He had more quickness than in the 2019 season. When baseball stopped in March because of Coronavirus, Seager appeared to be poised for a huge 2020 season.

During the quarantine, Seager continued building muscles and quickness. When baseball resumed in July, Seager, if possible, looked better. In 52 games, Seager had a .307 batting average with 15 home runs and 41 RBI. Although Seager was not chosen to be a National League MVP finalist, every Dodger player and fan know if Seager did not have an outstanding 2020 performance that his team would not have a Major-League best 43 wins and 17 losses record.

In the 2020 postseason, Seager was remarkable. He played in every game during the extraordinary long postseason, and he had a .328 batting average, a .425 on-base percentage, 8 home runs, and 20 RBI. With no doubt, Seager’s fantastic offensive production enabled the Dodgers a world championship.

Since Seager can be a free agent after the next year, the Dodgers, even with Major League Baseball’s economic problems caused because of COVID-19, need to sign Seager a long-term lucrative contract before the 2021 season.

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