Dodger Defense Is Worrisome

Wednesday, April 27, 2022
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2022

A throwing error by Max Muncy gave the Arizona Diamondbacks a 3-to-1 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. During the series against the Diamondbacks, the Dodgers have not looked like an elite Major League team.

In the age of social media, Dodger fans panic whenever their favorite team loses. Baseball is a game of failure, so every team will lose a third. Even the Cincinnati Reds will win one-third of their games. The Dodgers must win the majority of the two-thirds of their games in the regular season.

Dodger fans must understand that the baseball regular season is a marathon. Neither the Dodgers nor any other team will win a championship, but a team can lose a championship in April. With twelve wins, the Dodgers have not lost a championship in April.

So far, the Dodgers have not played good defense. Their outfield of Chris Taylor, Cody Bellinger, and Mookie Betts have played satisfactorily. The Dodger infield, except for Freddie Freeman, has committed too many errors, both counted as errors and just allowed runners who should have been out. Most Dodger fans thought Trea Turner with his superior speed would have more range than Corey Seager, who is an average shortstop for the Texas Rangers. He has not demonstrated that yet, and he rushes his feeds to his second basemen on double plays, and the Dodgers are not able to turn many double plays, putting more undue stress on their pitching staff. Either Gavin Lux or Max Muncy has not played a good second base. The Dodgers have not had a good third baseman. No team with playoff aspirations can have poor defense and win enough to be world champions. If the Dodgers had better defense, they would have won two out of three games against the Diamondbacks.

The Dodger pitching staff has performed beyond expectations. Their ERA of 2.21 is first in the National League. Wednesday, Julio Urías, who allowed only a solo home run, should have been credited with a win.

Before the regular season began, many pundits have bragged about the Dodger offense. So far this season, the Dodger offense has been inconsistent. Muncy’s elbow is not fully healthy, and it is affecting his power. Neither Mookie Betts nor Justin Turner has found their timing yet. Taylor, Freeman, Bellinger, and Lux have done well offensively, but they cannot carry the team daily. The weather has been cool; therefore, many balls have been dying on the warning track. When the weather warms up, the Dodgers should score more.

Most Dodger fans need to stay calm. I am confident that the Dodgers will be winning the National League Western Division in October. The key to baseball success for everyone involved, including fans, is to keep an even keel. The Dodgers will be alright.

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