Fighting Social Injustice Is Important

Thursday, August 27, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

Many Dodger fans criticized the Los Angeles Dodgers for canceling Wednesday’s game since they wanted to stop social injustice. This is not right.

Although I am politically conservative, I was sickened to hear about the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black who lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Police officers shot him seven times in the back. Although I am a strong supporter of law enforcement, I think any human should not be shot seven times under no circumstances. A person who is shot in the back is not threatening anyone.

I would not attempt to resist arrest, but I have not been in that situation. I keep my nose clean. I was taught to treat everybody with respect and dignity. I expect the same. However, I understand many people are not taught the same way I did.

The black population is frustrated by the police brutality against their community. I understand this. While I do not support the #AllBlackLivesMatter movement, I think every life matters. I oppose the death penalty and abortion. I detest when a police officer either kills or injures anyone. It should not be necessary. However, sometimes some criminals are dangerous to society as a whole.

Like most of us, professional athletes do not know how to change society. They want to put light on police brutality. Even today, Blake, who currently is paralyzed and has most of his colon removed, kidney damage, and liver damage, is handcuffed to his hospital bed. Being handcuffed is excessive punishment. He can’t move.

Canceling games is not a big deal. I do not think it will change much, but how do we change society? No one should be killed or injured excessively by police.

I expected the Los Angeles Dodgers to be in the forefront to fight against social injustice. In 1947, the Brooklyn Dodgers broke the Major League Baseball color barrier when they debuted Jackie Roosevelt Robinson. The Dodgers supported Roy Campanella after he became paralyzed. They were one of the first organizations to scout and sign players from the Dominican Republic. The Dodgers brought Fernando Valenzuela to the Majors, and it opened the door to Mexican players. When the Dodgers signed Hideo Nomo and Chan Ho Park, it opened the door for players from Asia.

Although many Dodger fans did not understand why the Dodgers did not provide them entertainment Wednesday, sometimes societal issues are bigger than entertainment. Social media provides everyone with a platform to express his opinion. Nevertheless, people criticize too fast without any understanding of other people’s opinions. As a society, we need to show more compassion and understanding for our fellow man to make a better society as a whole.

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