Friedman Should Extend Roberts

Monday, 01/03/22
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2022

President Andrew Friedman must extend manager Dave Roberts’ contract immediately since he is an integral part of the Los Angeles Dodger recent success.

I do not understand why the Dodgers have not extended Roberts’ contract. Since 2016 when Roberts became the Dodger manager without any management experience, he has experienced historically incredible success. True, he has had talented players, but balancing the talent is difficult. Roberts’ communication expertise has prevented many publicized clubhouse disputes, and this is crucial to the popularity of the Dodgers.

Now, with the reliance upon modern statistics, players do not receive as much as they want. Sitting on bench does not produce megadeals, and this affects the players’ livelihoods and future. Roberts can persuade players to believe in the Dodger winning process. He communicates well with the media.

Not many managers would accept Friedman’s view how to play a game. Since he has not played professionally, he thinks how to win a championship is using modern analytics and sometimes forgetting playing baseball is done by men. Roberts can handle personalities. After the 2021 NLCS, Roberts has expressed a desire of having an extension.

Having a lame duck manager affects the Dodger ability to sign free agents. Friedman should give what Roberts wants. Roberts adds the popularity of the Dodgers, so he will bring enough fans to Dodger Stadium to pay for his contract.

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