JT Gives the Dodgers an Important Victory Against the Padres

Thursday, June 30, 2022
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2022

The Los Angeles Dodgers just finished a great road trip where they won 6 and lost 3.

Although some Dodger fans are worried about the Dodgers dropping two out of three in Colorado, I am not. Playing at Coors Field is a different animal from playing at other stadiums. The high-altitude exhausts players, and many times while playing in Colorado, the Dodgers suffer injuries even though this time the Dodgers came out of Colorado healthy.

Nowadays, whenever the Dodgers lose a game, many Dodger fans and Dodger blogs panic. However, this panic benefits the media by producing eye-catching headlines, but being over-emotional in baseball is not practical. Baseball is a game of failure. As Tommy Lasorda always said, a team will win a third, lose a third, and whatever a team does with the last third determines how a team does. This season the Dodgers have played 74 games and they
have won 62%, which is excellent for any team.

When the Dodgers arrived in Colorado, they were exhausted after both a late arrival and an emotionally draining series against the Atlanta Braves when they won two out of three from the 2021 world champions. Although Freddie Freeman is happy as a Dodger, he regrets how the negotiations played out with the Braves. Receiving a World Series ring from a franchise that a player grew up with is an emotional process. Freeman loved the Braves organization and the city of Atlanta. Everyone was surprised that Freeman left the Braves. Freeman should fire his representation if he disliked the way how the negotiation went. Since Freeman has become a Dodger, he has performed outstandingly.

Clayton Kershaw’s comments about Freeman in the media were unnecessary. Kershaw has not left his original professional baseball organization. If he had a problem with Freeman, Kershaw should have asked Freeman directly.

Arriving late after a strenuous road trip, Thursday at Dodger Stadium, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the San Diego Padres 3-to-1.

Mitch White pitched well for 4.2 innings and allowed only one run. He had terrific control. Chris Taylor threw out a Padre at home plate preventing the Padres from doubling their lead. As Tony Gonsolin did, White is learning to pitch at the Major Leagues.

Evan Phillips, Alex Vesia, and Craig Kimbrel were magnificent in relief.

Justin Turner has had a poor offensive season. Many Dodger fans think Turner is washed up, but he is a notoriously slow starter. Thursday, Turner blasted two home runs and drove all three Dodger runs.

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