Kelly’s Suspension Was Reduced But Not Enough

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

Wednesday, Major League Baseball reduced Joe Kelly’s suspension from eight to five games. Even five-game suspension for what occurred in Houston is harsh, but Major League Baseball wants to protect the Houston Astros and no apparent questioning about its ruling on its punishment for the Astros’ cheating scandal that helped unfairly win their only world championship.

Throughout the season, Kelly has struggled with his control, and it was no different in Houston. Yes, Kelly made facial expressions and a comment that contained a profane word. No umpire ejected any player.

Major League Baseball is overly sensitive about the bench-clearing situation because of the pandemic. So far, either the Dodgers or the Houston Astros have caught COVID-19.

No player, except the Astros, has approved of what Commissioner Rob Manfred did to punish the Astros. For the century, baseball has policed themselves. Commissioner does not want to have teams to punish the Astros.

Currently, Kelly is on the injured list because of an inflamed shoulder. He cannot serve his suspension while on the injured list. The Dodger bullpen is missing Kelly.

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