Kershaw Was brilliant

Tuesday, 5/25/2021
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

In Houston, the Los Angeles Dodgers lengthened their winning streak to eight games as they walloped the Astros 9-to-2.

Mookie Betts returned to the lineup after missing two games since he had a shoulder soreness. Tuesday he had two walks, and hopefully, he will improve his offensive production.

For the first time since September 2018, Clayton Kershaw threw a pitch during the eighth inning. He was magnificent, but he could not pitch a complete game since he had three long breaks. While the Astros are a good hitting team when the opposing pitchers throw sliders, they could not hit Kershaw’s slider, his best pitch. However, his fastball and curveball were fantastic Tuesday. In 7.2 innings, he struck out six, walked none, and allowed only a solo home run by Carlos Correa.

For the last three weeks, Justin Turner has been slumping. Tuesday, he blasted a two-run homer truck Chris Taylor, the most consistent Dodger during the 2021 season, had a two-RBI single. The Dodgers took advantage of the Astros’ wildness.

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