Kershaw Will Play an Integral Role on the 2021 Dodgers

Sunday, February 21, 2021
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

Clayton Kershaw has the longest tenure on the Los Angeles Dodgers. He feels a sense of relief from winning the first world championship since 1988.

While many Dodger fans do not consider Kershaw as the team’s ace, he pitched exceptionally well in the abbreviated 2020 season. His 2.16 ERA in 58.1 innings during the abbreviated 2020 season was impressive, but it is only a portion of the normal 162-game season. He performed marvelously during the postseason, when he pitched 30.2 innings, including a splendid eight-inning shutout performance against the Milwaukee Brewers during the National League Wild Card Series.

As every Major-League pitcher is, Kershaw worries about lasting for the entire 162-game season. He worries about the middle months, May, June, and July. As every baseball fan knows, the typical baseball season is a marathon. Kershaw has not stopped throwing during this past offseason. He wants to make from 30 to 35 starts during the regular season.

Unlike recent past offseasons when Kershaw felt he needed to succeed more, he felt relief from winning a world championship. He knows and understands it is a real challenge to win back-to-back world championships, but he welcomes the challenge.

If Kershaw can maintain his increased velocity throughout the 162-game season, he still can be an elite starter in the National League. He welcomes Trevor Bauer and David Price to the starting rotation. These new acquisitions lessen the pressure on the future Hall-of-Famer. Unlike in the past, Kershaw wants every Dodger to feel comfortable to be themselves.

Turning 33 in March, Kershaw feels he will want to pitch after this season. While Kershaw is a family man, he loves to play baseball. He is a perfectionist who strives to be better every season.

After pitching magnificently during the expanded 2020 postseason and finally winning the desired world championship, Kershaw does not have to listen to naysayers who believed Kershaw could not perform under pressure anymore. Kershaw should have an outstanding 2021 season without all the pressure he felt earlier in his career. Every Dodger fan hopes Kershaw remains healthy during the 2021 season.

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