Let’s Play Ball!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

Let’s play ball!

Tuesday the owners and MLBPA agree to have a 60-game season. The players will report on July 1st for “spring training.” Baseball-knowledgeable people think the regular season will begin on either July 25th or July 26th. The regular season will end on September 27th.

Not yet, anyone knows what the roster size or the postseason will look like. Playing 60 games will make comparing statistics from 2020 to other seasons will be difficult. The likelihood of a player hitting .400 is slim. No starting pitcher will not have a 0.00 ERA.

Although the power numbers for hitters possibly will be higher than for the first sixty games of any other season, no player will have more than 73 home runs this season.

Baseball still will have the possibility of having the 2020 season canceled. COVID-19 is running rapid in the western and southern states; therefore, the teams in Western and Central Divisions may need to find neutral stadiums to play. Baseball doesn’t know yet.

There are 100 pages on health protocols that need to b ratified by the MLBPA, but the players have agreed to report somewhere on July 1st. Currently, eight Philadelphia Phillies have the Coronavirus. If the Coronavirus becomes widespread in Major League Baseball, the 2020 season will be canceled.

At least for now, Major League Baseball is returning. With its excitement and memorable moments, baseball will provide the perfect diversion for the American public. 2020 has been an awful year for the United States. In February, the stock market tanked. In March, COVID-19 appeared, causing us quarantine and wide-spread jobless and killing over one hundred thousand twenty-three Americans, including Alanna Rizzo’s grandmother. In May, the tragic and preventable death of George Floyd ignited race riots. Now the United States has nightly riots and a dirty presidential campaign.

The United States needs something to unify and heal. While rooting for our favorite team, we don’t think about our political differences. We don’t think the ones we lost to the terrible virus. It will have baseball back to allow us to think about something less important than the nation’s complex problems.

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