Major League Baseball Puts Bauer on Leave; Clayton Kershaw Stays

Friday, March 11, 2022
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2022

Friday, Major League Baseball extended Trevor Bauer’s administrative leave for another week. Also, many sources are reporting that the Los Angeles Dodgers have re-signed Clayton Kershaw to a one-year deal for $17 million with incentives.

Entering spring training, the Dodger starting rotation is their biggest question facing the team trying to win another world championship. Since the beginning of July, Major League Baseball has put Bauer on administrative leave as they investigate his off-field romantic behavior with women. Reportedly, Bauer likes “rough sex.”

Not knowing whether Bauer will be available has handcuffed the Dodgers. When the team signed the 2020 Cy Young Award winner, it took a large chunk of their payroll flexibility. Bauer pitched well and brought durability and endurance to the Dodger starting rotation. If he could compete in the second half of the 2021 season and the playoffs, the Dodgers might have repeated as world champions, a team repeating world champions for the first time since 2000. A

Now, the Dodgers do not know how much they have to spend on free agents. If Major League Baseball suspends Bauer, the Dodgers do not have to pay him. Also, they do not have his services. Of course, they would be aggressive either signing a superb, experienced starter or making a trade for one. If they have Bauer’s services for the 2022 season, they will set their eyes to obtaining a second-tier starting pitcher.

Also, paying Bauer can hinder the Dodgers’ ability to pay another free agent to help the team’s performance. The Dodgers are rumored to have great interest in Freddie Freeman, a left-handed power-hitting longtime Atlanta Brave first baseman. After Corey Seager left for the Texas Rangers, the Dodgers need to rebuild their offensive dominance, and signing Freeman would strengthen their offense. Also, the Dodgers need to build their bench to be an elite team in baseball.

Many Dodger fans are rejoicing when Kershaw re-signed with the Dodgers, the organization where he has spent his entire professional career. Five years after he retires, he will be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He has had five ERA titles and three Cy Young Awards. In 2014, he earned the National League MVP. While many baseball fans thought Kershaw could not handle the incredible pressure of performing during the postseason, he played a crucial role in the 2020 world championship.

Many questions are surrounding Kershaw’s health. Last year he injured his forearm twice. Although the doctors determined he did not need Tommy John surgery, he received a PRP injection last October. No one knows if he will be ready for Opening Day. Dodger fans want Kershaw to retire as a Dodger.

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