Major League Baseball Suspends Bauer for Two Years

Friday, April 29, 2022
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2022

Friday, Major League Baseball finally decided on Trevor Bauer. The right-handed former Cy Young Award winner has been suspended for 324 games, and Bauer is appealing the decision.

Bauer is a polarizing individual. When the Los Angeles Dodgers signed Bauer, many Dodger fans, particularly women, disliked the signing. Bauer was the best starter during the abbreviated 2020 season, winning the National League Cy Young Award. For many years, he has been a controversial Major Leaguer.

Watching Bauer’s YouTube channel, most people would believe Bauer is an egomaniac. He is argumentative, and it is not surprising that he will fight the suspension. Major League Baseball might shorten the suspension, but he will not be playing any time soon. Although he was one of the elite starters in the Major Leagues when the league put him on administrative leave, at 31, he probably will not perform in the Major Leagues again.

The Dodgers will not pay Bauer during his suspension, and this will free up payroll flexibility. If Bauer returned, the Dodgers would have a public relations nightmare, and not many people knew how to handle that. Although Dodger players have not discussed their feelings about their teammate, many believed the Dodgers would not welcome Bauer back. Now, the Dodger front office and manager Dave Roberts do not need to worry about how to unite the team and sell the benefit of Bauer to their fan base. Their primary focus can be on winning a world championship.

Many Dodger fans are worried about the starting rotation without Bauer coming back, but I am not. While Bauer has been practicing on his own, no one knows if he could compete on the same level as he did in June 2021. Many baseball-knowledgeable people thought Bauer used some sticky stuff to achieve a high spin rate. Bauer’s performance might have declined when the umpires began checking the pitchers for the sticky stuff. Pitchers must have a competition to know if they are improving. Since June 28, 2021, Bauer has not faced a Major-League batter.

During his personal workouts, not supervised by any team personnel, Bauer has been experimenting with new aspects of training for pitchers, and there are not proven to improve. He is not running to strengthen his legs, required to have a good delivery. If a pitcher does not have strong legs, he has a more possibility of injuring his arm.

Before the 2022 regular season began, many baseball-knowledgeable people thought the Dodger starting rotation was a weakness for the team. So far this season, the Dodger starting rotation has performed admirably, and the franchise has many young starters in the Minor Leagues. These young starters probably will debut in the Majors sometime during this season. Returning from Tommy John surgery, Dustin May will be ready after the All-Star break. At the trading deadline, the Dodgers can use the money that they have saved on Bauer’s salary to obtain a front-line starter.

The Dodgers will be fine without Bauer. By the way the team has been constructed, the Dodgers were not planning on Bauer contributing to the Dodgers’ performance.

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