Max Muncy

Tuesday, 11/23/21
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

When Max Muncy hit well, the Los Angeles Dodgers won. I have no doubt if Muncy was healthy that the Dodgers would have repeated as world champions. He sets the tone for the Dodger offense.

Ever since Muncy debuted in April 2018, he has been a powerful offensive force. His knowledge of the strike zone is incredible and set an example for his teammates. In 2021, Muncy walked 83 times while striking out 120 times. He had 36 home runs to lead the Dodgers. While his batting average of .249 was not great, he had many important hits.

The Dodgers missed Muncy, who dislocated his elbow on the last day of the regular season, during the playoffs for his patience at the plate and his power. Without Muncy, the Dodgers chased pitches out of the strike zone, and both Cody Bellinger and Chris Taylor had to supply the power for the team during the postseason.

Defensively, Muncy has improved during his Dodger tenure. While Muncy can play first, second, and third bases, in 2021, he played 122 games at first base. His flexibility at first base prevented from countless errors from his fellow infielders. His good range at first prevented many singles. He wants no difficulty throwing to either second or third base. While playing either second or third base, Muncy fielded equally well.

If the 2020 season was not abbreviated, Muncy probably would have become the first Dodger to blast 35 or more home runs in his four seasons. Muncy, if he can remain healthy, will continue being a key player for the Dodgers.

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