Max Scherzer

Monday, 11/01/21
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

At the Major-League trading deadline, the Los Angeles Dodgers acquired three-time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer from the Washington Nationals for top prospects. Until his two last starts of the regular season, Scherzer performed brilliantly, making him a candidate for the 2021 Cy Young Award. Although he is a free agent, the Dodgers should not re-sign the thirty-seven-year-old righthander since they can use their money more wisely, and Scherzer had a “dead arm” during the playoffs.

When President Andrew Friedman obtained Scherzer, I was excited like most Dodger fans. In his baseball generation, Scherzer is the best righthander and has earned a guaranteed place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Unlike many starters, Scherzer does not rely on three pitches. He has five high-quality pitches. He has adopted the new pitching style of throwing a high fastball and then using his breaking balls low in the strike zone. He did not follow the same pitching pattern as other starters; therefore, the opposing hitters were usually baffled.

As a Dodger, Scherzer had 1.98 ERA during the regular season, but he did not perform well during the playoffs even though he had one of the most important saves in Dodger history when he closed out the NLDS against the San Francisco Giants. He could not pitch Game 6 against the Atlanta Braves because of the “dead arm.”

While Friedman needs to rebuild the Dodger starting rotation, Scherzer probably is too expensive for the Dodgers. Because of his age and experiencing the “dead arm” during the postseason, Scherzer may have an injury in near future. Unless he will accept a one-year deal, the Dodgers and Scherzer should part ways. He definitely helped the Dodgers to make the NLCS.

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