Sunday, 11/07/21
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

Sunday the Los Angeles Dodgers gave qualifying offers both Corey Seager and Chris Taylor but not Clayton Kershaw. It is doubtful either Seager or Taylor will accept the qualifying offer.

No one knows if Kershaw can pitch next season. In July, the fourteen-year left-handed veteran injured his forearm. It was concluded that Kershaw did not need Tommy John surgery since he did not damage the ulnar ligament. He tried to return in September, but it failed on the last Friday of the regular season. Again, there was no damage to his ulnar ligament, but Kershaw had a Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection. However, no one knows if the PRP injection will work or not.

It is inconceivable for many Dodger fans seeing Kershaw not being in a Dodger uniform. Although it would be a sad moment for all Dodger fans, no one knows if Kershaw can pitch competitively in the Major Leagues again. I am sure if the Dodgers feel their legend can perform at a high level that they will do their best to re-sign Kershaw.

Trevor Bauer will not opt out of the 2022 season as a Dodger. I cannot see Bauer pitching for the Dodgers ever again. Since he has had legal problems with his off-field sexual behavior, it does not fit in the Dodger organization’s family image. When Major League Baseball finally rules on the controversial Bauer’s situation, the Dodgers will have a difficult decision.

Thursday the San Francisco Giant catcher Buster Posey announced his retirement. After having a marvelous 2021 season, Posey cited physical pain and a desire to spend time with his family. Covering the Giants’ world championships in 2012 and 2014 as a freelance writer for Major League Baseball Advanced Media, I developed the utmost respect for Posey as a catcher. His 2011 ankle injury changed the catching position forever, making it safer when MLB limited the occurrence of collisions with the catcher. To me, Posey is a future Hall of Fame catcher.

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