Miscellaneous about COVID-19

Sunday, May 3, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

As the United States re-opens, Major League Baseball hopefully will return soon. The 2020 season won’t resemble another baseball season in the history of the sport.

Having Major League Baseball will help America heal after a horrible pandemic that killed more than 67,000 Americans. We have a serious economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Since February 2020, the world has had bad news. We need a diversion for a few hours a day.

Nevertheless, people involved with baseball must be safe from COVID-19. The United States doesn’t have accurate tests to know who has or had the virus. Throughout the pandemic in the United States, there is a shortage of tests. Until the United States gets enough tests, baseball cannot be played.

Hopefully, there will be enough tests by Memorial Day.

Therefore, Major League Baseball should return to its “spring training” on Memorial Day. Since the official quarantine has limited players’ conditioning programs and not many players have done many baseball activities from March 12th, Major League Baseball should not abbreviate “spring training” much. If Major League Baseball does, many players, especially pitchers, will sustain injuries, which some will be season-ending and others will be career-ending.

Of course, Major League the Baseball wants to play as many regular and postseason games as they can to maximize its profits. Everyone involved in baseball has lost money during this pandemic. Players don’t get paid unless they play. The owners have lost money on no attendance for games and television revenues. Like most Americans, Major League Baseball is hurting financially.

MLB has already asked the Players’ Association to accept a pay decrease. Since throughout baseball history, the owners have taken advantage of the players economically, they have not jumped to help the owners.

Yes, the players want to perform in 2020, but they don’t want owners to be taken advantage of them. Already, the players have lost at least six weeks pay. The players signed their contracts in good faith, mostly before anyone heard of COVID-19.

I am confident that we will have Major League Baseball in 2020. Nevertheless, the owners and players have many hurdles before they play.

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