Mookie Shone in a Dodger Loss

Friday, July 31, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

After a 4-run eighth inning, the Los Angeles Dodgers lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-to-3. For the first time in a Dodger uniform, Mookie Betts demonstrated his five tools on a baseball diamond.

Tony Gonsolin pitched magnificently four innings in his 2020 debut. His blazing fastball baffled the struggling Diamondbacks while his off-speed pitches kept them off balance.

In the first inning, Starling Marte doubled, but when Marte tried to stretch his double into the triple, Betts displayed an unbelievable arm to throw out the runner easily. Seeing that marvelous throw reminded Dodger fans of Yasiel Puig. He already had shown his phenomenal running speed and athleticism.

Betts had three hits, drove in two runs, and hit a home run. Seager hit his third home run in three days.

For the first time during the 2020 season, the Dodger bullpen had a rough night. It should have been expected since the bullpen has been overworked. Only once this season a Dodger starter has gone past the fourth inning. Because the Dodgers had a thirteen-inning game while in Houston, the bullpen has been overworked than any other team’s bullpen. Although Blake Treinen has not worked as much as other Dodger relievers, he did not have any control in the eighth inning. Justin Turner’s error helped to open the flood gates for the Diamondbacks.

The Dodgers need Cody Bellinger to end his slump. During the quarantine, Bellinger tinkered with his batting stance. So far this season, he has hit .139. Unlike the previous year, Bellinger is pulling the ball too much instead of using the whole baseball field. Soon, manager Dave Roberts should give Bellinger an off day to reset his mental outlook on the 2020 season.

With COVID-19 Invading the Miami Marlins and the Saint Louis, the Dodger players decided to be stricter on the protocols to prevent the Coronavirus. They will wear face coverings in the dugout and more social distancing.

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