Rest in Peace Vin Scully

Tuesday, August 2, 2022
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2022

Tuesday is the saddest day for the Los Angeles Dodger organization during my lifetime. The greatest baseball broadcaster ever lived, Vincent “Vin” Edward Scully, passed away at 94.

Without Mr. Scully, I would not have become a Dodger fan. I listened to him for 40 out of his 67 years announcing for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers. He taught me everything about life. While I have written about the Dodgers for twenty-nine years, I think about the professionalism I witnessed by Mr. Scully and tried to emulate it daily.

Mr. Scully was the soundtrack of my summers. I never became bored listening to him. While he announced Dodger baseball, I learned so much more from him. His fabulous ability to tell stories taught me about history, literature, science, and American culture. Since my late father was an alcoholic, Mr. Scully provided me with a positive male role model. He taught me the importance of preparation for every assignment.

During his sixty-seven-year-career, Mr. Scully called 25 World Series, 18 no-hitters, and 3 perfect games. He never complained about his problems while on the air. He was a true gentleman. The greatest honor in my life was when I met Mr. Scully on August 31, 2002. He was the most gracious man I have ever met. He gave me hours of entertainment and a career that I love.

I am posting an article that I wrote about Vin Scully when he retired. That article conveys my emotions and love for Mr. Scully better than this since I am in shock.

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