Scott Alexander

© Sarah Morris, 2020

Since 2018, Scott Alexander has been with the Los Angeles Dodgers. After the 2018 season, Alexander has performed poorly. Although he pitched during the 2020 regular season, he never appeared during the postseason.

Alexander is a ground-ball specialist. When his sinker is working, he gets quick outs. When the pitch maintains up in the strike zone, he is in severe trouble. As a Dodger, Alexander’s sinker has not worked, so he has had poor results.

Since Alexander has Type 1 diabetes, many people were surprised that he elected to play during the abbreviated 2020 regular season. During the time of baseball was not played, Alexander had COVID-19.

Alexander began the 2020 season well, but as the season proceeded, he did not do well. The Dodgers optioned Alexander to the alternative site in September, and he never appeared in a Major League game in 2020. In 11 games, Alexander had a 2.92 ERA.

When Alexander is eligible for arbitration now, I don’t see the Dodgers keep Alexander. Although left-handed relievers are hard to find, the Dodgers can do better than Alexander.

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