Seager Will Have a Big 2020

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

Wednesday night at Camelback Ranch, the Los Angeles Dodgers shut out the San Francisco Giants 4 to nothing. Every Dodger pitcher looked magnificent, particularly Clayton Kershaw.

Corey Seager hopes to have a significant role on the 2020 Dodgers without having the glaring media spotlight on him. Debuting in September 2015, Seager, when healthy, has significantly contributed to the team both offensively and defensively.

During the past off-season, many so-called Dodger fans hoped President Andrew Friedman would trade for the Cleveland Indian shortstop Francisco Lindor. When they spoke out on social media, many Dodger fans wondered, “Why?”

After his first two full Major-League seasons, where he won the National League Rookie of the Year in 2016, Seager needed Tommy John and hip surgery, making him miss almost the 2018 season. Injuries are a part of baseball. The Dodgers still went to the 2018 World Series, and Seager’s absence did not enable the Boston Red Sox to win the 2018 world championship.

In 2019, Seager performed well – hitting .274 with 19 home runs, and he played stellar defense at shortstop, the most demanding position on the field other than catcher. True, Seager missed almost a month with a strained hamstring. However, after missing nearly a season with two severe injuries and adjusting to a new body composition because his rehabilitation regimen made him leaner, Seager did great.

For the first time during his short Major-League career, Seager had a healthy off-season where he could work on specific aspects to improve his game. This spring, Seager enjoys not having the spotlight on him. No one expects Seager to have forty home runs and a batting average of .350. Seager has hit the ball with new authority.

Since shortstops from yesteryear were small men, many people doubt 6-foot-4 Seager can be an excellent defensive shortstop. They have underestimated him. Wednesday, Seager made a fantastic long throw deep from the hole at shortstop easily. Before the Tommy John surgery, it took Seager extreme effort to make that throw, though he did. His range has improved. Not many shortstops can turn the double play better than Seager. The Dodgers have an excellent shortstop who can hit.

A pitch hit Justin Turner’s knuckle in the first inning. Later, Turner homered, but he left the game earlier than expected. The Dodgers took x-rays on Turner’s bruised knuckle, and they were negative.