The Dodger Players Will Fight to End Injustice

Thursday, July 16, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

Since the Brooklyn Dodgers elected to break the Major-League color barrier on April 15th, 1947 when Jackie Roosevelt Robinson took the field at Ebbets Field, the organization has been the forefront to fight against social injustice. Today, led by Clayton Kershaw, the Dodger players published a video on social media to pledge to donate money to organizations that fight injustice in Los Angeles.

Thursday, manager Dave Roberts gave young Minor-League All-pitchers to perform. They looked great, but they probably won’t perform in LA during the 2020 season. Kiké Hernandez blasted a grand slam.

So far this summer camp, the Dodgers don’t have much offensive production. Although most baseball-knowledgeable people think the Dodgers will have a tremendous offensive production during the regular season, it hasn’t shown itself in summer camp. During spring training, the Dodgers dominated every opponent. The Dodgers should dominate starting Sunday against the Arizona Diamondbacks in an exhibition game.

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