The Dodgers Win Another Series

Sunday, August 30, 2020
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

In the unusual 2020 season, the Los Angeles Dodgers have not lost a series. Sunday, they completed their road trip with four wins and two losses. This is how a team will win its division.

After a bad game when the Dodgers got in Dallas in the middle of the night, the Dodgers rebounded. Again, Ross Stripling struggled Saturday, but his offense supported his difficulty when Stripling toiled. Max Muncy broke his slump. For two consecutive games, Cody Bellinger homered.

Sunday, Tony Gonsolin had a poor start for the first time this year, but he could limit the damage during his third innings. Although he did not have good control, he did not give up during three innings. Some reporters criticized manager Dave Roberts for having a quick hook with Gonsolin, but he lifted Gonsolin after he wiggled out of a bases-loaded jam with allowing only one run. Gonsolin’s success and grit will serve him and the Dodgers well during the postseason.

Again, the Dodger bullpen was fantastic during the series. The bullpen has been the Dodger MVP in 2020. Although many sportswriters fear the Dodger bullpen will tire before the postseason begins, it should not happen. Normally, a baseball team must play six months and 102 more games than in the 2020 season before it goes to the postseason. Now, the Dodger bullpen should not be tired.

The Dodgers set the National League record for home runs in a given calendar month. Although the Dodgers have relied on their power to score, they have been stealing more than in 2019.

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