The Hard Time of the Year for Baseball Writers

Thursday, March 4, 2021
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

The Los Angeles Dodgers suffered their first loss of the spring. The Chicago Cubs shut out the Dodgers 7-to-0.

Before Thursday night, the Dodgers had good pitching, but none of the Dodger pitchers performed well. While Jimmy Nelson has not pitched for a year, he did not look good. He could not locate his pitches, and his pitches had no movement even though he had good velocity.

Spring training is difficult for every baseball writer. While I always get excited about spring training, I have trouble finding topics to write about.

To me, it is early to discuss starters will make the Dodger starting rotation yet. When I haven’t seen every candidate for the starting rotation, I cannot make an intelligent evaluation of these pitchers. I dislike relying only on statistics.

Relievers are the same story as the starters. I have seen Kenley Jansen only once during this spring. He was brilliant, but does he have the endurance to perform with excellence through spring training?

The Dodger hitters have had slow bat speeds, but it’s early. DJ Peters and Zack McKinstry have been impressive. Other hitters have been playing sporadically, and this time of the spring, no hitter can establish any rhythm. In another week, I can make an intelligent evaluation of every hitter.

Unlike other baseball writers, I don’t want to write articles that capture people’s attention. I want to impress with my baseball knowledge and not catchy headlines.

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