Turner Re-Signs

Saturday, February 13, 2021
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

For the entire offseason, most Dodger fans have been waiting for Justin Turner to re-sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Saturday, they got their wish when Turner announced he signed a two-year deal with $36 million with an option.

Since 2014, Turner has been the heart and soul of the Dodgers. Over this period, it is debatable that Turner has been the best constant hitter for the Dodgers. He is a right-handed power hitter who has performed well in the playoffs.

Defensively, Turner is a solid third baseman. If he did not play in the same league as Nolan Arenado, he would have won many Gold Gloves. During the 2020 NLCS against the Atlanta Braves, he masterminded a crucial double play. I don’t think the Dodgers would have advanced the World Series without Turner’s brilliant double play. At 36, Turner’s physical skills might be fading a little, but his baseball instincts are unmatched. Earlier in his career, Turner played second base. Currently, the Dodgers do not have a regular second baseman so that Turner can move to second base if the hot corner is too physically demanding.

In the clubhouse, Turner is a calming presence. He encourages his teammates to do their best while they can be themselves. With his wife Kourtney, Turner has helped the community. He gives much time to veterans and children with cancer. During the pandemic, Kourtney and Justin donated money to locally-owned restaurants to furnish meals to the LA Dream Center to feed children who were missing out on their free lunches from closed schools.

With the addition of right-handed-hitting Turner, the Dodgers should not be as susceptible to left-handed pitching as they were. He will provide balance in the Dodger clubhouse with the outspoken Trevor Bauer. To me, the Dodgers now are ready to begin spring training Thursday.

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