Tyler Anderson

Sunday, October 30, 2022
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2022

The free agent signing of Tyler Anderson during spring training of 2022 might have been the most important acquisition for the Dodgers. His durability as a starter allowed Dave Roberts to pencil his name every fifth day, and he performed outstandingly against the San Diego Padres in the NLDS. Now, Anderson is a free agent, and the Dodgers must re-sign Anderson no matter how much money he desires.

In the age of velocity is prized, Anderson is a throwback from yesteryear, but he was highly successful, earning his first All-Star selection. His slider and changeup baffled the opposition. Seldom, Anderson threw a “high hard one,” but he struck out 138 in 178.2 innings. His ability to keep the ball low in the strike zone helped to induce weak ground balls. He had only 34 walks.

Although Anderson does not make the crowd go “wow,” his steadiness is valuable. He is a fierce competitor. He will do anything to win and want to hurl seven innings in each outing. Roberts should not have pulled Anderson out after five innings in Game 4 during the NLDS against the Padres.

With Walker Buehler out for the 2023 season after having Tommy John surgery and flexor repair, the Dodgers must address their starting rotation depth. If they go to the playoffs in 2023, they must have five bona fide starters who can go six innings or longer to reach their ultimate goal.

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