Urias Is Brilliant

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2021

On a picture-perfect Tuesday afternoon, the Los Angeles Dodgers inched out the Mariners 1-to-0.

After being hit by a pitch Monday night, Mookie Betts sat out Tuesday’s game. The x-rays showed no structural damage, but Betts had a sore forearm. The Dodgers hope Betts can return to the lineup Thursday against the San Diego Padres.

As most teams would, the Dodgers have been struggling offensively without Cody Bellinger, Betts, and Gavin Lux. They will improve offensively when they get injured players back. Before Bellinger can return, he must go to Arizona to an alternative site for practicing.

In the third inning, AJ Pollock doubled and scored on Corey Seager’s single.

So far, Julio Urìas has been an excellent starter. He leads the National League in strikes thrown, first-pitch strikes, and swing-and-miss pitches. Tuesday, he established a new career-high in strikeouts with eleven. He allowed one hit through seven innings since he used all his pitches well. Since the last year’s World Series, Urìas has shown a new level of confidence.

Victor Gonzàlez and Kenley Jansen pitched magnificently. For the first time in four years, Jansen’s fastball touched 97 mph, and his famous cutter had tremendous movement.

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