We Must Work for Something Bigger Than Our Desires During This Pandemic Crisis

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2020

As many baseball fans complain about no baseball during this awful pandemic, many people are dying and hurting economically.

I miss baseball, but I understand it is not safe to play. I have made my living from baseball.

Yes, it is strange to me when I don’t have to work during spring. However, I have adjusted. The hardest thing for me is I don’t have a timeline when Major League Baseball will return. I don’t know if I can start something that will take three months.

Nevertheless, I get angry with baseball fans who are complaining about no baseball. Yes, not seeing Mookie Betts play in a Dodger uniform is a bummer.

During this worldwide health crisis, I am reminded of what Jackie Roosevelt Robinson said, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” I am trying to keep my fans entertained. They don’t need me crying about how I miss baseball. It’s unfair when people go to the beach, and we can’t have baseball. This is selfish.

The video below isn’t about baseball, but it is about a man who wants to help society as a whole. We should use his selflessness as an example of how we should be during this crisis.

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