Wishing Mr. Jarrin All the Best in Retirement

Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Copyrighted by Sarah Morris, 2022

Since becoming a Dodger fan in 1977, I have had the utmost respect for the Spanish voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Jaime Jarrin. He played a valuable role in Fernandomania in 1981. After 64 years of broadcasting for the Dodgers, Mr. Jarrin will retire after this season.

Mr. Jarrin is an immigrant who came from Ecuador to the United States to find a better life. He has broadcasted most major news events, including the Thriller in Manilla. In 1959, at 19, even though Mr. Jarrin had not seen a baseball game before, he started broadcasting the Dodger games. His mentor, who became a true friend before his death on August 2, 2022, was Vin Scully. Like Mr. Scully, Mr. Jarrin is an icon and a pillar in the Los Angeles community.

Mr. Jarrin is a true gentleman. One of the greatest honors in my life was meeting both Mr. Jarrin and Mr. Scully in 2002. Their classy demeanor set the perfect example for a young aspiring Dodger writer.

Since I am Spanish challenged, I do not understand Mr. Jarrin’s broadcast. Anyone who has done baseball games for 64 years and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1998 must be good. Just watching Mr. Jarrin doing an interview in English, I know he has a laid-back style. Someday, I will learn Spanish, so I can listen to at least a few of Mr. Jarrin’s broadcasts.

Everyone hopes Mr. Jarrin will have the opportunity to broadcast another Dodger world championship. I wish Mr. Jarrin all the best.

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